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John Hodkinson
Artist, Illustrator, Lecturer & Designer

The qualities which interest and motivate me in my images (drawn, painted constructed and photographed) are varied but there are some consistencies. Although I have always felt it necessary to control very strongly the composition, colour and all other visual qualities in the image, there is usually included and quite intentionally, some element of visual ambiguity which I like to think helps the viewer to contribute something of their own interpretation whilst looking at it. I don't personally like to make 'finger pointing' images which tell the viewer exactly what to see or how to feel,
I prefer suggestion to instruction.

I never really cared much for overt symbolism, and my own preferences have always tended much more strongly towards a use of visual metaphor and simile. I like things in an image to stand for or suggest other things or ideas not necessarily visible or evident in or beyond the picture, but to be intuitively perceived, and not 'learned' in the way a symbol needs to be.


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                        Paintings                                      Constructions                   Digital                                                Inside the Black Mirror
Work on paper  etc.                                mixed media                           computer & iPad etc                             some photographs


          Notebooks                                           A Digital Notebook 

Here are some extracts from various notebooks.
They are mostly taken from our old website which was built with now obsolete software.
If some links within them don’t work, I am not able to correct any of these at present.

                               InLand                                                                               A Small Portfolio
                       some notes on landscapes                                                             From our old website
                                                                                                                              (older work)        



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